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First Impressions of the Kindle

Kindle CafeI NEVER EXPECTED to get a Kindle but recent events involving the creating and use interactive electronic textbooks have pushed me into a purchase.

Four days after ordering the wifi version from ($150 all fees for the device and cover), the little thing arrived and only then did I realise it was the size of a Moleskine. So I can carry it anywhere and because I do, I read more. That's Simon McGarr's experience as well. My personal circumstances involve a little three year old who asks to use the iPad whenever she sees its cover so all the Kindle content on the iPad is temporarily out of reach as she explores New Dora on YouTube.

I am surprised by the activity stream that the Kindle shares with the world. I can share annotations, shout to Twitter and Facebook, and peer at the annotations made by others. This immediately has an impact for teaching at third level. I can easily set practical taskings for creative multimedia students and have responses sent via the Kindle to a hashtagged compilation. I can require another group of students to write the ebook compendium for an Applied Communications module, then share the result on handheld devices powered by Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows, and Kindle. As I continue bashing away with the Kindle, the national airwaves have stories from the Minister for Education concerning the cost and weight of school books for primary school students. From what I've seen, I believe there is a low-cost solution involving ebooks. Stop back next month as I explain more.

Bonus Link: I Love My Kindle Flickr group.

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