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Goosync Control of Multiple Calendars

GoosyncLAST YEAR, I BOUGHT A LIFETIME license to use Goosync since I needed a way of controlling calendars on three different mobile operating systems. It's brilliant.

When I first started blogging 10 years ago, I used to control my calendars with Lotus Organizer. Then Outlook entered my life but the calendaring function just didn't work across all my handsets. That all changed when I started syncing Outlook with Google Calendar and then telling my phones to sync their calendars to the Goosync Cloud. It's remarkable how these things just work. For those using Symbian handsets, here are the settings I use on my Nokia E7:

Sync Profile Name: Goosync
Server Version : 1.2
Server ID (leave this blank and it populates itself)
Data Bearer: internet
Network Connection: Default connection
Host address: http://sync2.goosync.com
Port: 80
User name: topgold
Password: (you set this on the Goosync server)
Allow sync requests: Automatically accept
Network username: topgold
Network password: (set it if you're password-controlled)
Synchronisation type: Both ways