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Process and Production

Process and ProductionI AM SAT in a two-hour review of numbers today. It is part of a process in the production of creative multimedia graduates.

I have fewer than five minutes of input to make so I am creating a flow chart that conceptualises the today's process. I attached the sketch to this post and it shows a presenter behind a blue desk who says something that displays on a yellow screen for comments from another in a hot seat. The process is mind-numbing but essential because when you lodge an important result, you need to ensure it displays in the system. So I will take my five minutes as a little blue man behind a desk and respond to yellow screens about public relations, a group exhibition, media writing, and a group project. The good news is that 60 per cent of all the results I've submitted result in creative students passing. The better news is that two of those I'm reviewing have landed jobs in the current down cycle. Knowing that makes the whole process of reviewing academic work more worthwhile.

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