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Four Years of Basecamp

BasecampI AM TRACKING several important projects with Basecamp at the moment and believe that if you need a minimalist project management program, you should try Basecamp.

For creative multimedia students who are new to project tracking, Basecamp provides simple e-mail advisories and easy tick-off boxes that require minimal effort to use. I like seeing my Basecamp projects on my Xperia Arc handset and also find the RSS feeds of the projects very helpful. I have seen more complex project management tools before but Basecamp has all the fundamental parts: multiple user management, task management, milestones, message boards, whiteboards and file upload/download. I am currently tracking seven projects within one major tasking. I like the way Basecamp's web-based service works fast and without any sort of software. And I also like how quickly you can leave Basecamp and never get a nagging email trying to get you back on board. That's been my experience after working with Basecamp on and off during the past four years.