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Flagged for Copyright Infringement

Copyright WarningMONTHS AGO, I made a video with Animoto, a web service. Although I used my images and a backing track served by Animoto, YouTube detects my work as a potential copyright infringement.

I wonder if it's possible for anybody besides myself to play "On My Xperia" or if the video is blocked by the copyright police because of the use of the track "1, 2, 3, 4" by Fake. Looking back on the work, I think it would have been much better pulling in the images at high resolution and using my own voice for the narration. But at the time, I was trying to demonstrate the quick effect that Animoto would bring to the making of a video clip. Cloud services like Animoto will inadvertently expose users to copyright claims because of the ease of integrating sound tracks from the Animoto library into the work that you can do with the Animoto cloud service. And because it's so easy to record a clip in the car and upload it while underway in Ireland, I get flagged for copyright when the radio is playing in the background. That's only fair.

Click to play "On My Experia".