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Four Months with Kindle

Four Months of KindleAS I TYPE A FEW WORDS into my blog, I'm listening to I Live in the Future and Here's How it Works on my Kindle. Doing both simultaneously is a worthwhile activity for me.

I do a lot with the Kindle and I use it frequently enough to recharge it every four days. I used to get a week between recharges but for the past two months, I've done a lot of listening with the Kindle and that's putting a greater electrical load on the device. I also use it to highlight and share content onto Twitter and that makes its wifi antenna do more work as well. I grabbed four months of content from my clippings.txt file on the Kindle and ran the result through Wordle in order to produce the accomanying word cloud. As you can tell, I've read about Steve Jobs on my Kindle. I've also subscribed to the Irish Times with the Kindle. And I have a very vibrant Kindlefeeder flow appearing as e-ink once a day. If I could annotate the Audible.com book content on the Kindle, the word cloud would include many selections that I've used as part of lectures in our creative multimedia curriculum. I listen a lot while feeding our five-month-old son and in every case, I've listened to all audible books that I purchased at least twice.

The overall impact of the Kindle is money. I have spent more in four months to buy Amazon content than in two years with Apple gear, Apple accessories, apps, and music. This discovery has a major relevance as we face into harsh austerity next year. If my usage and purchasing pattern is the same as others using e-readers, the publishing industry will most certainly survive. But as Amazon's results suggest, traditional publishing content has started to migrate from the printed page. I'm happy with that.

Nick Bilton -- I Live in the Future and Here's How it Works ISBN 978-0307591128