Five Regrets
Evernote as a Routine

From Sites to Blogs to Twitter to Notifications

Using Live TilesAFTER 10 YEARS BLOGGING AND FIVE YEARS TWEETING, I have watched my personal information flow migrate from scraping sites, to reading blog RSS feeds, to watching Twitter nominate content to letting my phone notify me of important content in my online networks. Meanwhile, dozens of State agencies remain stuck in portal mentality bunkers.

A few years ago, I listened to Pat Quirke, local estate agent from, explain the evolution of his business from a brochure site to a blog and onto Twitter. He regaled an audience with stories from three generations back during a Clonmel Chamber of Commerce event in Tippperary Institute

I have watched the Irish web evolve since teaching creative multimedia students in the Arthouse in 1996. If I was teaching web dev today, I'd be stuck into HTML 5, Twitter widgets and Facebook newsfeeds. Using Twitter gives business owners a direct and elegant way of sending messages immediately to people who want them. Using Facebook pushes newsy items straight onto hundreds of handsets, often with little chimes to alert people to their arrival. This is truly an evolution in how we manage information and it's very commonplace today.

I wish those responsible for keeping the public informed were as forward-thinking as several local merchants I've encountered in County Tipperary. The stories of Pat Quirke (estate agent), Pat Whelan (butcher) and Gary Gubbins (wines) suggest there's a direct line to consumers through the elegant use of lightweight content on the internet. Although having a website is still a business imperative, the other conduits (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus) give a business a live dimension.  I'm  getting that live traffic directly on the face of my Nokia Lumia 800, verifying the evolution in business communications that has occurred quickly and with positive effects during the past 10 years.

Photo of the Nokia Lumia 800 handling some of my notifications.