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Organizations Don't TweetI BOUGHT EUAN SEMPLE'S ebook on the social web because I've been reading his blog and learning how to use the web longer than I've used Google Reader.

In his writing online and in his book, he questions major institutions and how they function. "People are starting to think more for themselves and seeking alternatives to the structure of the organization chart and apparent security of the salaried job for life." This rings true for me and for thousands of Irish civil servants who will discover the pay, perks and security of State employment will erode on the arrival of the winds of fiscal reality. In Ireland, as in many parts of the Western world, there are no jobs for life. This means "more of us are working out how to think entrepreneurially whether inside organizations or not."

This is not a result of the growth of online social networking. Around my desk, we have started thinking differently because we realise the post-industrial age demands it. Our connected world, powered by tools we can use to organize ourselves better, means we are often no more than one tweet away from more efficient ways of getting things done. Euan's take on that tweeting world, one that pulsates outside the reach of an electronic border manager, needs to be recognised inside the executive offices across corporations and governments. I think an excellent place to start is by reading Organizations Dont Tweet: A Managers Guide to the Social Web like me.

Euan Semple --"The ebook edition of my book is published", December 19, 2011.

Euan Semple -- Organizations Don't Tweet People Do ISBN 978-1119950554

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