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Reconfiguring While Nobody Visits

E7 BK SolutionI USED MY NOKIA E7 to chat with Blacknight Solutions several times while trying to reconfigure DNS accounts for my blog. I talked to the techs while simultaneously making server-side edits using the same phone (at left).

I want to finish 2011 with a minor reconfiguration of my blog, something I try to do when nobody is around. But Christmas 2011 is serving up a trickle of people with tech questions about things they found under the tree. My blog posts are helping people set up an iTunes account as though they are in the States, recover memory to Sony Xperia Arc handsets, and dive into new Kindles.

I could use some technical help too because the legacy control panel I have with Blacknight Solutions won't let me configure CNAME records in the syntax required to keep my blog together. And because of that snag, if you try to click below the fold on one of my older posts, you'll probably see a dead page.

I want to get my blog set up so both the and URLs show my content. Because they don't, the Web Archive doesn't display thousands of pages of my work since 2006. And because my current internal links are broken, Google will start removing large portions of my content from its database within a fortnight.

But help is just around the corner, when Ireland returns to work during the first week of 2012.

I'm still online at