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Trace Heating for Our Water Main

Click to see Trace Heating VideoUNLIKE LAST YEAR, we should avoid water freezing in our main supply line because I've installed trace heating around the pipe leading into the house. This cost me EUR 118 and two hours of mud-laced work.

I got the trace heating kit from the Electricity Supply Board Store in Ireland and all the rest of the tape, damp proofing and waterproof electrical supplies from Woodies DIY. This caveat may not be obvious in the YouTube clip I made: the Raychem kit sold by ESB isn't advertised as being suitable for underground use. But it arrived with aircraft-quality manufacturing standards and I think it will do fine buried and tripled-wrapped under our front window. I made a DIY YouTube clip with my dirty fingers manipulating my Nokia E7. It does the job, I think. And if it doesn't work, I'll update my blog with the sad story.

See my DIY Trace Heating on or watch a pixelated video from Raychem. Note to self: Make more time for DIY because that's the best use of time when the household budget's tight.

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