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Managing My Tabs

ChrometipsI FOLLOW PEOPLE who measure their effectivness by the number of tabs they keep open in their browsers. How many tabs do you have open right now?

If you’re web warrior, you probably have more than 20 tabs open. You're probably annoyed by being unable to zero in and access the tab you need to finish a tabbed job. You may be resigned to pointing and clicking your way through your tab-driven pattern of work. If you're using Google Chrome on Windows, you may like a #chrometip that helps you quickly switch between your open tabs:

Ctrl+Tab -- Cycle to the next tab.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab -- Cycle to the previous tab.
Ctrl+1 through 8  -- Jump to the tab whose placement on the strip corresponds with the key.
Ctrl+9 takes you to your last tab.

For folks with Mac, cmd+1 through 0 works a charm.