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Sunday News to Serve Classroom Discussions

Audio and VideoI AM USING a time-tested pocket media process to record my take of Irish Sunday news in HD quality because I want to show creative multimedia students how to prepare broadcast-quality clips for radio and television.

As the photo shows, I simultaneously use Audioboo with an iPod Touch and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc's exceptional low-light intelligent zoom video camera. When I run both of these devices together and give them two separate upchannel hosts, I can normally get a 5-minute clip up and announced on YouTube within 15 minutes of finishing my clip. This is a major accomplishment for me because all the work is done on the phone or by server-side processing. In my experience, the speed and reliability of the cloud services now allows me to finish creative work with students well inside the two hours of practical work scheduled on our third level timetable.

Samples: http://audioboo.fm/topgold for audio and http://youtube.com/topgold for video.