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Febooary Social Audio

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PROOF THAT SOCIAL AUDIO is alive and well during a month rechristened as "Febooary" by avid users of the Audioboo service. Every day has a unique topic, such as today's about "favourite smell and why?"

We like croissants, the bread in the crosshairs of the Irish government's increased tax plans. Unhealthy white pan bread escapes an increase in tax while croissants are blasted with an additional two percent of tax. Some merchants have increased the cost of their croissants by 10 cents, thinking we're expecting to pay more and won't gripe about it.

The audio clip below is a non-whinging report of our favourite smells and scents.

Febooaary Scents and Smells

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Febooary Week Two Topics on the Audioboo Blog.

Bonus Audio: 

Whitney Houston Filtered Acapello


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