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Key Words Point to Pen and Pixel

Pen and Pixel AVWE LAUNCHED PEN & PIXEL for our annual exhibition in the Limerick Institute of Technology and it immediately attracted more people on its first day (327) than I get on an average weekday (301).

The top three terms that attracted visitors to include all the high brow phrases (exhibition, creative work, 3D) that we hoped would represent a cross-section of graduate talent. It's still too early to draw any real conclusions from the analytics because it normally takes a few months and a few thousand visits to determine what's actually the big draw of a website. Plus the Pen&Pixel site is attracting a lot of ego surfers as they probe around and try to find samples of work.

During the same early February period, the top three terms referring people to my Inside View blog were people looking for the ugliest dog, real mermaid sightings in Ireland and pron.

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