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Blogs Need to Evolve as Social Objects

TransmediaTHE DEVELOPER WHO figures out how to encapsulate individual blog posts as social objects will have the next big thing. Getting that capability means returning juice to blogs.

If this blog post was a social object, you could embed the whole thing wherever you desired. Any comment you made would follow you or could embed into your Twitterstream, refreshing with a follow-up comment if you dialed that into your preferences. If this little post was a social object, people would be more likely to share it, like it, upvote it, and paste it onto their Facebook wall where they could continue babbling about it. And magically, the babbling would percolate back to this original blog post.  This is something Google Plus is trying to do but the API isn't sorted yet.

The image embedded in this blog post is a social object, pulled from Flickr. But it's not a two-way social interaction because what I'm writing here doesn't attach itself to the image on Flickr.

I'm patient so I'll wait. Based on what I'm seeing inside G+, I think Google has figured out the most primal thing people do on the internet is not search, it's share. We're humans. We like looking at things and telling friends what we saw. We like spreading gossip. And if we could write on our own space and expose what we wrote as social objects, the world would observe a blogging renaissance.

Perhaps as early as this year. Stay tuned for blogs that get christened as social objects.

Image of Transmedia from my Flickr photostream, illustrated by TheCarbonado.


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