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Bernard Goldbach in Clonmel | PDF from Flood Tribunal | 150 words

FOR NEARLY EVERY YEAR of my life in Ireland, the Mahon Tribunal has been churning along. Today, its final report dropped.

Mahon Report at Five Percent Point

Even though the Mahon Report Word Clouds might not show this directly, terms like "corrupt" and "payment" feature prominently. But since this is Ireland, expect no perp walk.  The politicians identified in the report were often re-elected with full public knowledge of what they had done. Grateful to their constituents, they built bridges, secured funding for schools, and proposed lofty construction projects that often never came to fruition. Most importantly, they proved that "all politics is local" and that ardent locals will always welcome politicians who bring home the bacon. 

I honestly don't believe anything will change in the way Ireland does its business because the political will isn't strong enough to impose an inviolate code of ethics on those elected to national office.


You can get the official report at Or just  Download Mahon Report Unlocked


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