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Happy CamperYOU'RE INVITED to tweet along with a half-hour interview @rickoshea is doing on #howtobeirish by simply listening to the hashtag starting at 4:30pm Dublin time on 15 March. I'm planning to learn a lot.

I've Irish genes (proof at left in the offspring) and am sincerely interested in some of the inside story behind the user-generated documentary airing this Saturday night at 7:30 on RTE One TV. If anyone knows the inside story about people sharing their secret hints about being Irish, it's Rick O'Shea. He has a special way of integrating radio, television and Twitter. I'm joining Rick on the #howtobeirish hashtag while tweeting this week from the @ireland account on Twitter.

I already know the RTÉ show  features submissions from Columbia, Finland, New York, London, Guatamala, New Zealand. According to the programme guide, it captures random feelings, images, songs, observations, jokes and special moments that sum up, in the minds of the contributors, what it means to be Irish."

The Applied Communications students taking LIT's BSc in Creative Multimedia will be participating in the process, learning how Rick sourced and vetted material was shot on a variety of stills cameras, webcams, video cameras, camcorders and mobile phones.

I really like Rick O'Shea's work and I'm looking forward to seeing via Saorview a lot of "funny, touching, awe-inspiring and strange responses" that make me proud to be part of the Irish gene pool.

RTE Television -- How to be Irish


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