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The Scrivener Discovery

ScrivenerBernie Goldbach in LIT-Clonmel | Illustration by Scrivener | 220 words

IN PREPARATION FOR a short session with DIT's e-learning summer school, I'm unpacking Scrivener so I have a faster method of producing a variety of electronic publications.

The $50 program is worth two times its purchase price, not because it works elegantly but because it complements an author's workflow while facilitating several different kinds of outputs. I spent 25 minutes with it running in demo mode and discovered I could correct page breaks and ensure proper paragraph breaks remained intact when saving for iBooks and saving for Kindle. I watched one of the Literature and Latte videos before starting the program, then just set forth with a blank document to pull in my blog posts from my website. That's actually the reverse process than the one I'll start using next week. 

I plan to start using Scrivener to create my content, for my blog posts, for classroom reading materials and for the novel that's rotting away in the bankers' boxes in the attic. By the end of the week, my new blog posts will have a download button that allows readers to get last week's i-book and Kindle version of my website. And if more than 50 people start doing that, I could have a sponsored channel of content before the end of the summer.


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