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11890 With Helpful Maps

11890 PinpointsBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Image of Lumia

WHEN I ASK 11890 directory assistance for a phone number, it's a 30 second transaction that now includes a map.

I've rang a few times from my mobile phone (in the photo) to see cross-check a few things, like the name of our college (it's recently changed) or the new phone numbers of businesses we like to use. The service is always fast, always accurate. I normally say something like, "Maura, could you text me a business phone number for Beva in Glanmire, County Cork?" The reaction is as fast as a person can type and rarely longer than 20 seconds. That's 20 seconds from the time I start to ask to the time a text arrives on my phone. And now, the text comes with a map that's more accurate than I get with Foursquare.

On my Nokia Lumia, I've been able to convert the map data into Nokia Drive and let the phone tell me how to get to my destination. I think this is an example of elegant direction-finding and it's a big reason I recommend tourists take the 11890 route when visiting Ireland--you get a free map when you ask for directions. An elegant 21st century location-based solution powered by YourPinPoints.

Hat tip to Ronan Skehill.

Two years ago: "Hyperlocal pinpoints" on my blog, March 25, 2010.

I'm filing this with my travel links.