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ipad LumiaBernie Goldbach in LIT-Clonmel | Photo by Irisheyes

IN PREPARATION FOR an e-learning summer school workshop in DIT next month, I'm spending the morning in an e-production #eprdctn classroom with third level students, watching them produce collateral in three different e-reading formats.

The acid test is seeing the epubs running on an iPad, the mobi files working on a Kindle and the Acrobat files working on plain vanilla mobile phones.

We're doing the work without using Macs, trying to prove the concept that you can produce simple content directly on the iPad through helpful apps. The main production client is Calibre, producing the mobi and epub files. Adobe Acrobat Pro also has a hand in cleaning the PDF file in the Calibre workflow.

Bernie Goldbach curates eprdctn notes.