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May 12, 2012

Old Coke Nostalgia

Bernie Goldbach in Drogheda | Shot from Irisheyes

AS I APPROACHED a Bottle Bank in Drogheda, I decided to give myself a treat for walking two miles. It was a memorable occasion because I ended up with a glass bottle of Coke (see below).

I have never bought Coke in a glass bottle from a corner shop since moving to Ireland in 1994. I have never seen glass bottled Coke for sale to punters in shops. For months after moving to Ireland from Germany, I resisted buying Cole because it came only in plastic bottles. The same plastic bottles that sea gulls peck before getting their beaks trapped in the plastic. Not wanting to be complicit in the breakdown of a Pacific habitat, I tried to avoid plastic until I found a way to recycle it.

Today, I stocked up on a proper six pack of glass bottled Cole and it feels like a real win. See the 90 cent bottle snapped by my iTouch below the break.

Old Coke Nostalgia

I'm making this a journal item.


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Nothing like the taste of a Coke from one of those old glass bottles. Glad they are still making them. Didn't they take a break for awhile? Does bring back memories of the old corner store: cold cuts sliced to order and wrapped in brown paper, Hershey bars, Tootsie Rolls & Bazooka Joe.

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