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MUSIC IS A DAYPARTER. You can tell it's near lunchtime in Europe by the requests for tracks my blog gets.

I put some Sugarbabes (sic) below this post because the Sugababes are the dayparters in the two-hour period associated with noon siesta in Europe today. Here are other things people wanted to find on my blog while they munched away on their sangwitches:

-- ireland single mum state child support

-- pron

-- when ulysses copyright expires

-- mahon tribunal final report 2012 pdf

-- oaklands terrace terenure

-- tax rebate for weee charges

You can tell a lot more about an online presence by looking and listening to the dayparting results. I used to think I was more a tech blog than anything else, but the high-ranking terms of reference cited in this post suggests I'm closer to Liveline's audience, not Adrian Weckler's readers. For those loyal listeners, you're welcome to try out some Sugababes music below, perhaps on your Nokia Lumia or Android phone. I don't think the girls will play through the below link on an iPhone.

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Bonus Link: Sugababes on Last.fm

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