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Sunday Sightings

I put Business Post pages inside complementary Sindo papers.Bernie Goldbach in Cashel | Photo shot at McDonalds

I TRY TO CREATE a 10-minute newsround every Sunday because it's a good way to check personal video technology. I've also discovered a cluster of Irish who travel and they like checking my newsflow for the Sunday papers.

I've also discovered that I can use my weekly newsrounds as personal follow-up items. Several things jumped out in the Sunday broadsheets today that I've pushed across into Evernote and onto my Nokia Lumia Clever To-Do List. If you watch the video embedded below the break in this blog post, you'll discover the big priority: ready the garden for our little boy's christening party. The clip from Audioboo doesn't make that goal clear.

Sunday Sightings

To Tommy Collison in Minneapolis: Happy 18th! You're an inspiration. 

To Conn O Muineachain: There's a Kickstarter project with Trina Vargo involving the development of an online curriculum for American teachers who want to include an Irish module in their practise. [1]

To Gavin Sheridan: Nice profile in the "My Media" section of the Sunday Business Post. [2]

Media Contact's Social Media Festival runs during the last week of June. Christian Payne and Katie Moffat will fly in to present some workshops.

1. Gabrielle Monaghan -- "Stars back plan to teach the famine to US pupils" in the Sunday Times, June 10, 2012.

2. Gavin Sheridan -- "My Media" in the Sunday Business Post, June 10, 2012.

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