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Growing up Pinch-and-Zoom

Making Sun SmileBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Photo from my lap  

MOST EVENINGS END with a four-year-old artists on my lap. She's growing up digital, multi-touch to the core.

I'm keeping a series of screenshots like the one in the photo along with video work that she's doing on her own. At the moment, Artist Studio on the iPad is pissing her off. That's not unusual because the app assumes some awareness of Photoshop.

I wonder how young Mia's transition to her first year of primary school will go. She's quite happy with crayons, pencils, paper and scissors. She's enthralled with BluTak and cello tape. But several times this week, she's revealed how she would like to draw on the "big white screen" (interactive whiteboard) that's in her junior infants classroom.

Her first day is six weeks away. I'm making Audioboos of her creative process (see below) because her style is so original--but that's what you'd expect a dad to say.

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