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Learned After 365 Days with a Kindle

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I HAVE USED my Kindle for the past 365 days and have learned from the experience. I want my four-year-old daughter to learn from it too.

Unlike a lot of my friends, I use my Kindle at least once a day. The primary reason is I arrange to have new things download onto the Kindle once a day. Because some of the downloads cost me money, I feel compelled to read them. The Irish Times fits into that Kindle category. Then there are new Kindle publications that I buy. I enjoy seeing what passages my friends have electronically annotated. That's possible if you have an Amazon account you've enbabled for sharing highlits and purchases.

I also set up other free content to land on my Kindle (i.e., Google Reader and selected blogs harvested via Calibre). That content grows stale if I don't read it as it lands.

I get a book from Audible around once every three weeks. I extract parts of those books for listening sessions in the creative multimedia curriculum I teach at the Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT). The extracts complement supplemental or essential reading by students. I think a Kindle helps you learn because you need to read words to reach a higher level of understanding. Hearing the author speak often motivates students to read whole chapters related to topics that reappear as essay questions.

I use my Kindle in a drag-and-drop mode too. Sometimes I put my own MP3 files onto the Kindle and play music as I read items. Once a week, I pull my clippings file from the Kindle and shovel it into a Zoot database where the clippings help bolster my personal information manager.

The unexpected dividend of having a Kindle is in using it to test electronic publications that we create with Scrivener and Adobe InDesign at LIT. The production process is part of a Level 6 module. It's very handy having a real Kindle to test the compilation of an e-book. I learned that during my first year of Kindle ownership.

Bernie Goldbach curates items about Kindle for creative multimedia at LIT.

I have an Amazon reading profile at http://t9.ie/topgoldkindle where you can connect and share annotations as you read.