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Learning Alphabet with Handwrite

Google Handwrite Bernie Goldbach in Cashel | Screenshot from iTouch  

WE CAN REPORT complete mastery of our four-year-old alphabet skills, thanks in a small way to the arrival of Google Handwrite on the iTouch.

While most of my Twitter friends consider Handwrite to be a mere gimmick, I've seen it deliver practical results when watching our preschool daughter write in cursive on the iPod Touch screen.

She needs to know how to spell "Google" because Handwrite works only on Google search screens, not inside the search bar on Safari.

And she learned to favour straight lines with many letters because Handwrite characters often get recognised faster when there's a clear vertical definition on finger inputs.

Handwrite is not faster than typing in a search query. And many spoken queries are faster than handwriting them too. However, I get good results when holding the iTouch in one hand and using Handwrite with my thumb while walking or traveling.

You shouldn't use Handwrite when driving, even when using an automatic transmission.

Bernie Goldbach saved Handwrite as an edtech link.