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My Third Summer of Boos

Pocket Audio and Video CreationBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Photo shot while recording  

IT'S MY THIRD SUMMER of using Audioboo and I'm thinking about setting aside time to create a daily audio blog because several avid Boosters have fostered a very nice community solely through audio.

And therein lies the rub--it takes time to write an extended description on an Audioboo. You need the text (with links) if there's to be any hope of being found by people who don't know you're blogging. That's a major discovery I've made while recording Sunday newsrounds like in the photo at left.

Most of the people who have found me on Audioboo have listening to mainstream things I've recorded like Solomon Burke on my most-listened Audioboo in the clip below. More than 15,000 have heard Solomon's big hit on my Audioboo stream. Truth be told, I also like listening to tracks shared by other on Audioboo, especially seasonal ones.

Everbody Needs Somebody

While rewinding my limited (fewer than 1000 Audioboos made to date) audio content, I realised I failed to record essential audio for each of the lectures in the academic modules I teach in the Limerick Institute of Technology. That needs to change in August so I have resolved to make a five minute clip related to two autumn semester modules. This will help several students who need to retake final exams in Media Writing and Public Relations at the end of August.

Making Audioboos on iOS is so easy, compared to the way I needed to arrange my Nokia E90 to record Audioboos in 2009. There's no need to upload to Audioboo's mobile web site anymore. All a teacher or a storyteller needs is a good data connection and the iOS app.

Audioboo also works on Android and on Symbian but neither of those operating systems are as elegant as what's on Apple's gear. And that's the same for listening too.

If you're wondering what's over there on Audioboo, I recommend subscribing to Christian Payne's audio snippets because his narrator's skills are top class.

Bernie Goldbach curates audio links on a creative multimedia degree programme in Ireland.