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I'VE DIPPED BACK INTO Zoot XT now that it's a very stable and very fast beast. However, its learning curve can easily intimidate the tap and swipe brigade.

I started out on laptops in the early 90s with AskSam, a flat text filing system. I live in a world cluttered with digital loot (aka zoot in my mind) and that's why I need Zoot XT to handle simple text, RTF and HTML for my feeble brain. Zoot is much more powerful that both OneNote and Ultra Recall.

Zoot XT gives me the flexibility to handle five different e-mail accounts, web clippings, notes, PDFs, Twitter feeds, and newsfeeds. I can use automated “rules” and “actions” and “smart folders” while also manually tagging, flagging, dating and modifying items.

The problem is the strength of Zoot. It has so many undocumented features that make easy work out of churning through mountains of information. Its search function is lightning-fast. Its keyboard shortcuts reward the Old Skool guys like me who like to dump mounds of words and trust Zoot to make things more intelligent than they are in raw form.

I'll be spending a few hours each day synching my Zoot databases through Dropbox and hooking Zoot into Twitter, Google Docs, Instapaper, and Evernote. And if I'm successful, I'll have a much more polished way of handing information next year.

Bernie Goldbach fails at GTD.

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