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Nine Years Ago I Followed @eirepreneur

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NINE YEARS AGO, I followed James Corbett onto Typepad. It marked an evolution in the way I share and write.

Since 1997, I've dabbled in different forms of journaling online. I lurked on LiveJournal, posted 100 things on Blogger, spent four years with Radio UserLand and hung Movable Type scripts on an Irish server for three active years. Then in mid-2003, I started pushing text onto Typepad's servers.

I like Typepad because it's so simple. I like Typepad because it costs me less than EUR 150 annually for unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and really good webstats. I know I need to get back into hand-rolling clever CSS. I also want to show that I can set up and execute JQuery with photosets that will probably appear in the side bar of

Blogging has evolved since 2003 with the most notable facet being the number of Irish people who no longer use blogs as their main watering holes. Instead, the voices I used to read in the 2003-2008 time frame now express themselves in 140 characters on Twitter. They've very clever smartphones that allow them to avoid typing on a laptop. Some of them might read this blog post as a short headline on Twitter or they might get it as a newsfeed through an app. But my audience will never return to 1000 page views a day, like it was prior to 2009. However, a combination of views on all the other networks I inhabit (Google Plus, Flickr, Slideshare, YouTube, Audioboo, Feedburner) keep the reach of my ideas well into four digits every day.

But so much of all that other activity starts here on my blog, like it has nearly every day since mid-2003.

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