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Young and Precocious Storyteller

Mia the HamBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Photo of Mia off-mic 

WE ARE RAISING a storyteller who has just discovered she can create narratives with a dictaphone, an iTouch and an iPad. It's amazing watching and listening to her creative process.

Those who follow my blog know I'm talking about a four-year-old whose self-confidence is growing as she immerses in new things. This week, she's into audio cables, portable recording devices and Audioboo. I showed her how to tap and talk, then listened to her walk around the house for more than an hour. I listened because she was talking.

I'm sharing her first unsupervised recording session below. If you want to spike your day with more rambling snippets from a young and Irish junior infant, I suggest you subscribe to my Audioboo feed. She knows how to populate it and that may mean she's uploaded something there already. Audioboo automatically makes a title out of a blank subject field so I won't know until I look into what my phone's published.

My Name is Mia

This is truly disruptive creativity.

Bernie Goldbach curates audio things.