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Bernie Goldbach in LIT-Clonmel | Screenshot from Scrivener

FOR AS SWEET as it is, the wonderful program Scrivener will misbehave when used without proper version control. I have first-hand headaches regarding this issue.

I use Scrivener a minimum of 10 hours every week. It makes easy work out of the course note creation process. Scrivener rewards me when I shovel unformed piles of notes onto its virtual cork board before reordering those notes into chapters of ebooks.

But if I manage the flow by sharing an entire project (instead of documents within a project), Scrivener often loses page breaks, chapters and notes. This has cost me a day's worth of edits several times.

We have lost nothing of substance--just edits. We back up work at the end of every day by selecting "Compile to Word" and then save that result in a folder that contains all .scriv projects. This "999" folder gets automatically backed up by Crashplan Pro. 

I have returned to edit documents that should've been finalized all this week and although it is frustrating I won't abandon Scrivener because of this version management issue. Instead, I'm putting the lessons learned into the e-publishing module at the Limerick Institute of Technology.

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