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The Dynamic Curriculum as an ePub

Dynamic Curriculum on ScreenBernie Goldbach in LIT-Clonmel | Image on my Lumia  

ONE OF THE MOST successful projects of my summer is the rendering of a 154 page journal into epub and mobi formats. I watched the work unfold during a syllabus-directed work experience programme with James Kennedy.

The project proved both the strengths and weaknesses of Scrivener, one of the programs we use in Limerick Institute of Technology's e-publishing module. I wish the Windows version of Scrivener was as robust as the Mac version because I've been able to lose versions of my compiled work faster than I expected.   This might be down to sharing the project between two different authors. It's good I encountered the snag because now I will be more forgiving during practical sessions with students.

A short intro video plays after clicking the photo snapped for this blog post. It's also embedded below the audio clipped from the video below. 

Making Dynamic Curriculum

Electronic publishing from the home is one of the most enabling skills we can teach to creative students. I've already started converting all my course notes to both iBook and Kindle format. I believe that will increase the probability that they're read.

Bernie Goldbach is trying to being an epublishing outlier.