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Inspiring Creatives through their Noses

BreadmakerBernie Goldbach in LIT-Clonmel | Image from Tania on Amazon

I BELIEVE YOU INSPIRE creativity through sight and smell. And there's nothing more riveting to a starving artist than the smell of freshly-baked bread.

I've strong research backing up this claim, extending back to the mid-90s when I worked in Dublin's Arthouse (RIP). All our creatives would shuffle upstairs to the training rooms, pausing in the cafe for a croissant or panini. And timed tasks would get done on time because the smell of freshly baked sandwiches would keep people on the premises.

I want to get a Kenwood BM 450 for 100 euro from Amazon, DoneDeal or eBay. I can work with a used Breadmaker because there are few moving parts inside.

I put the Kenwood BM450 on my wishlist after learning that its mixer paddle rarely gets stuck in the loaf when you remove the bread from the tin. I've messed up my heavenly creations before with that little snag. Plus, reviewers say the mixer paddle does not make a large gaping hole in the bread and that's perfect.

If you've a BM450 for sale with the round tin, please let me know.

Bernie Goldbach likes to create.