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I HOPE APPLE updates the iPod Touch but not with the latest and greatest technology.

Our iTouch is a perfect piece of consumer electronics for users from Kindergarten to post-doctoral students. It fits easily in the hands of a four-year-old and its battery life easily stretches across a work day (providing we avoid intense sessions with Moshi Monsters). I use the little iTouch primarily for recording and listening to audio so I'd like to see its memory boosted to 128 GB before its processor is upgraded. I think the fourth generation iPod Touch camera sucks and I hope Apple agrees by inserting better optics into the camera on the fifth generation iPod Touch. I'd prefer all the connection dock ports to remain the same on the iPT 5G because I really don't want to buy adapters or new connectors.

I don't want things like power-using vibration alert or LED flash capability. And I don't need Oleophobic coating on the screen.

Just more memory and a better camera and I'll spring for a new iPod Touch.

Bernie Goldbach is not a lover of white things.