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Summer September Sunday News

Summer September Sunday News

Labor Day NewsBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Photo and video with Sony Xperia  

I SPENT 10 MINUTES looking at Irish Sunday news from an American perspective. And my #newsround focus is through the pages of the Financial Times, admittedly not a genuine Irish publication.

The FT Weekend Magazine gives its cover to Black Eyed Peas' frontal Will.I.Am and I discover he considers himself a popthropologist. Ok then.

Tobias Buck reports on Israel's vast reserved of natural gas in the Mediterranean--enough to cover Israel's domestic demand for gas for at least the next 25 years.

Labor Day News from Ireland

Katie Roiphe wonders why a woman would put a picture of her child's face on Facebook. She wrote the book "In Praise of Messy Lives".

The doctor Sophie Harrison explains the off-legs epidemic filling up British and Irish hospitals. Away from home, people's pre-existing illnesses get worse. It's a talking point in Ireland as funding for in-home care is cut.

Tim Harford points out 10% of Americans sometimes work from home and 4% of people do so predominantly.

Gillian Tett explains why Americans are wrong to call it "math". The concept of mathematics goes back I crunching numbers in many forms, including astrology, trigonometry, calculus and physics. Hence, the correct term is "maths".

The Irish Independent is printing the fees earned by part-timed local councillors in a three-part series. The best-paid in Leinster is George Jones in Wicklow, pocketing €83,000 last year. What we don't understand is why councillors are paid today, when they weren't in 2003. Yet our wages are cut back to 2003 levels and the local councillor gravy train rolls on. "We shouldn't waste another cent," writes Paul Melia. "No matter how much work these unsung heroes supposedly do, the fact that some travelled to more than 24 countries over the course of the last year shows how out of touch they are". I'm looking forward to the report on Munster councillors tomorrow in the Irish Independent.

Bernie Goldbach saves news items.