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Favourite Place to Listen to Music

Gruffalo LurkingBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Gruffalo music on the floor.

I'M WIRED INTO OCTAVER, a month-long discussion on Audioboo about music. I've shared several ideas about favourite places to enjoy music.

My favourite places stretch back to before I was 10 years old, laying on the floor listening to albums. Our daughter does the same when following the adventures of The Gruffalo in the photo.

As the years went on, I remember watching my youngest brother trying to stand up by grabbing the top of a stereo speaker cabinet. I'd like our youngest son to enjoy the same experience.

In the early 70s, I used to listen to music on the phone--that's where I first heard track from Iron Butterfly in the audio clip below. That caused some distress at home because our phone bill was calculated by minutes of use and "In A Gadda Da Vida" went for 19 minutes.

Fav Way of Listening

For years, my favourite listening place was my car. I melted a lot of cassettes in my cars, including one with tracks from Chicago.

Cars give a different sound to music, something I noticed right away with buskers. You can't get a sense of real music without hearing music on the street like the sound of Roberto y Gabriela. They're also on the audio track above.

As a creative multimedia lecturer, I've developed a refined taste for orchestral music playing through 7.1 home entertainment systems. There's a short excerpt from "Band of Brothers" in the audio selection I've edited for this post.

And the audio clip finishes with music I love after hearing U2 play it live.


Bernie Goldbach is compiling a lifetime soundtrack.