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Sly and the Family StoneBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Sly from Wikipedia  

I AM CREATING a 31-track musical journal containing selections from the Sound Track of My Life during the Octaver Music Fest on Audioboo. My audio blog today (Octaver 03 below) involves memory from my first music concert.

The music comes from a time when the kitchen radio was still locked onto AM stations that played a lot of Motown sound. Many of those bands were on tour and they often stopped on the Franklin and Marshal campus where Goldbach's Decorating Service had a lighting contract. When I reached teenaged years, I could see over the top of the follow spots the business used and my arms were long enough to reach all the gels and sliders at the front of the five foot long follow spot.

Things didn't go smoothly at my first time running spotlight number two. I can still hear the back stage manager yelling over the headsets to me about my incorrect fades, wrong colour selections, and totally inaccurate solo musician coverage.

Octaver 03

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