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Saorview Weak Signal Solution

Click to see video of Saorview antenna
Bernie Goldbach in Cashel | Video of our Saorview antenna.

IT TOOK US several months to sort out a weak digital terrestrial television signal. The solution involved getting a big antenna with a preamp.

I talk about how we meandered to the solution and I shot a short video of our antenna installation. At the end of the day, you can't expect to get the Irish digital television signal with a puny antenna if you live outside a built-up area in Ireland. We live close to the Rock of Cashel and the granite mass appears to reflect the antenna that's located closer to us. We solved the problem by pointing a big antenna array at the DTT transmitter. On some days, we need a preamp on the antenna if we hope to keep a clear signal on the television set.

Solving Saorview in Ireland

It's relatively easy to set up and install Saorview. If you're in Ireland after the 24th of October 2012, you'll need Saorview or another way to see RTE in a digital channel.

Bernie Goldbach has a list of DIY tasks.