Hyperlocal Notes from Emigrants

Learning with Moshlings

Moshling of the WeekBernie Goldbach on the road | Screenshot by Mia.

FROM THE BACK seat comes requests to help pronounce words. The Assignment: Know the names of every Moshi Monster.

That's Shishi in the screenshot. When a Moshling emits a particularly entertaining squeal, his or her adorable face ends up in the photo gallery of my iTouch. And on special days like today, the Moshling gets a blog post. Last month, Moshlings got a slot at the Dublin Web Summit.

Once I figure out how to record and share the sound of Shishi, I will add it to this blog post and engage our resident expert to explain other squealing Moshlings that she finds most adorable. Some are in her bedroom. Some have pride of place on the sitting room sofa. One hides in Mia's backpack. Sometimes, there's sibling strife when the youngest borrows one of his older sister's huggable Moshlings. It's all good fun.

Bernie Goldbach hopes the kids start creating their own journals.