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In TippFM StudioBernie Goldbach in Clonmel | Photo inside TippFM.

I SPENT SEVERAL HOURS of creative time immersed in the study of cookies today. Part of that immersive experience took me into TippFM's studios.

OperationCookie12 started as a tweet from our social media cadre in Clonmel, a web-savvy cluster of men and women who know their way around online communities. The Transition Year students from the Christian Brothers School in Thurles who participated in the taste test were asked to share their impressions of hand-made products from The Cookie Jar. We plan to roll several comments and images into promotional material for a new line of gourmet hampers available for international shipping.

Part of the taste test went to the microphone of Tipp Today radio host Seamus Martin (in the one-o'clock position of the photo) and included the first on-air use of Audioboo (clip below).


I've become a big fan of Audioboo as I've watched its effectiveness earn greater attention and affection from people who often want more than the superficial tearaway thoughts that stream by on Twitter or Facebook. Today, Alan Riain used his Audioboo account to make several spoken responses by young men (14-17 years old) as they grappled with how to descibe their sugar rush following two large chocoloate chip cookies. Thanks to the technology, their responses will remain embedded in the Internet Archive forever.

#OperationCookie12 on Audioboo.

Bernie Goldbach is topgold on Audioboo.

Flickr photoset of Operation Cookie 12.

Bernie Goldbach teaches social media in a creative multimedia degree programme with the Limerick Institute of Technology.