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Balls of Fun

OUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING season this year is very truncated because we have 1200 euro less each month, compared to 2010.

So when we find things like the free ball pit in the photo (snapped at the Monkey Maze in Glanmire), I feel like we've done well.

The Monkey Maze Ball Pit offers safe harbor for two of our kids and releases Mom the Shopper to walk Cork's shopping district, located a 20 minute drive away. We've also discovered Cork Traffic Wardens let us get away without paying for on-street parking.

Looking back at my Foursquare check-ins, I discovered I buy most of my trousers in Cork but most of my suits in Limerick. I've bookmarked one clothing store in Cork whose tailor makes clever nomad gear pockets. I need two nomad jackets that also look like business attire.

If things go to plan, young Dylan will be in the ball pit in January when I buy a nomad jacket in Cork.

Balls of Fun