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Giving Advice on Christmas Tech

Christmas 2012 Search StringsBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Screenshot from Statcounter.

I WATCH MY BLOG to get an idea about what kinds of technology people get around Christmas. This year I noticed queries about Kindle, Skype, and iPad apps.

Although several of my friends think dedicated e-readers like the Kindle have peaked in the market, I don't agree. I think Kindles have carved out a sustainable niche. I get a lot of use from my Kindle mainly because of its long battery life and crisp e-ink technology. I don't get the same results from the Kindle apps I use on different touchscreen phones. Christmas visitors wanted to know about Irish newspapers on Kindle. I subscribe to The Irish Times on Kindle, the third most popular Kindle newspaper in western Europe.

I need to write a separate blog post about using Skype to call an Irish mobile phone. It's a recurring question that I see in my referrer logs. Around holiday periods, Irish emigrants ask that question before they use Skype to call friends in Ireland.

The audio clip below covers a few of the other topics that were raised by people visiting on Christmas Day. At the time of this writing, 21% of visitors to my blog were using a mobile device and half of those mobile visitors used an iPad to read my blog posts.

Christmas Search Strings

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