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The Most Evil iPhone Alarm

The Most Evil iPhone AlarmBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Screenshot from iTouch.

WAKE N SHAKE for iOS (€0.89) is the alarm I needed to get up in time to meet the first morning train to Dublin. Although Rise is a nicer interface, Wake N Shake is the ruthless real deal.

If you are a career snoozer--and you want a dominatrix characteristic for your phone alarms--you need Wake N Shake. However, I wouldn't buy this app if your iPhone does not have a shock-resistant case. That's because you may want to throw your phone across the room if your shaking fails to turn off the phone's alarm. I can't turn Wake N Shake off when I'm groggy but I can turn down the volume. 

There is no snooze button on Wake N Shake. It is not easy to shut off Wake N Shake when you're groggy. You must shake your iPhone to turn off the alarm. And it needs a mixmaster's energetic gesturing to shake the alarm into the off mode.  

Have you ever tried to shake your arm vigorously for a solid 30 seconds while laying in bed? That's the default setting for Wake N Shake.

I bought the app because I cannot afford to miss the early morning taxi rides.

Dave Caolo -- Wake N Shake for iPhone an effective, evil alarm on 52 Tiger, December 20, 2012.

Rise Alarm Clock is my preferred (and much more polite) iOS alarm.

Bernie Goldbach discusses gesture-based interfaces in a module on the Creative Multimedia degree programme on the Clonmel campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology.