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The Phoneternet Has Relaunched Podcasting

Educasting's First 1000 ListensBernie Goldbach in LSAD-Clonmel | Screenshot from Educasting.

A RENAISSANCE IS UNDERWAY in podcasting, thanks to the rise of the Phoneternet. And as the screenshot shows, I'm enjoying a benefit from the trend.

Smartphones make quick work of producing quality audio content when using apps like Audioboo or BossJock Studio. Dozens of free apps help you download and listen (or stream) personal on-demand casts (podcasts). We've carved out space on Audioboo's servers with Educasting from Ireland and believe we have the material, people and pipes to make a 10-year commitment to serving earbuds with stories about teaching and learning from Ireland.

After a month of educasting, our most popular half hour of audio to date is Educasting 03, an episode that dealt with Evernote, One Note, formative assessment and ethical recording.

Educasting 03

I have discovered that more people download and listen to my half-hour audio segments than read my daily blog items. I've been blogging on the Typepad platform since 2003 and my system stats show that I once attracted more than 1000 daily page views. I'm down to one-third of that now and the trend line continues going downhill. At the same time, twice as many people every day listen to something I've recorded on Audioboo.

More people listen to my stuff than read my stuff.

From the feedback, listeners tell me they're listening on their phones. That means there are around 50 people connected to the phoneternet that are tuned into Educasting from Ireland. And that means new life for podcasting by little people.