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When Apps Fail to Update

The Older They GetBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Screenshot from an iTouch 4th Gen.

AFTER TWO YEARS of use, I can't update iOS apps on our 4th generation iTouches.

Part of the reason is related to limited storage space. The iTouch used by our five-year-old won't update unless more than two gigabytes are free on its small 8GB operating system. This means I need to delete heavy apps like Brave if I want over-the-air updates for the rest of her favourites. With my 32GB iTouch, I need to update one app at a time, starting with the App Store icon and then completing the update with the app itself. When things work perfectly, I can tap the app, watch it switch from Waiting to Loading and then finally download the update over the air. But a lot of the time, the update doesn't work. As a result, no fewer than 50 of my apps always need to be updated all the time.

I might delete all apps and start again, keeping fewer than 100 apps on my iTouch at any one time.

Bernie Goldbach's favourite app is Evernote.