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Basic Simple Backups

TB backupBernie Goldbach in LIT | One Desk Terabyte in the photo.

I HAVE LEARNED a lot about back-ups and thanks to readers of my blog I keep getting even better ideas every year.

My strategy involves using CrashPlan Pro to keep all my active files in the cloud by running a back-up service at night. I also push working notes, with files attached, into Evernote and academic course materials into Dropbox

I know I probably need an image of my Dell Precision M2400 laptop but that's missing from my strategy. I'm thinking about using an imaging tool like Acronis True Image although I might trust the System Image tool built into Windows. Acronic has additional options that look very sweet.

I keep last year's external hard drive in a bottom desk drawer at work. I need to make its storage location fire-proof and I want to encrypt that drive for reasons related to intellectual property.

Once I make the leap to seeding a disk image, I'll be back into the routine of practising a total restoration. Back-ups always work but total restores often hit snags. 

I know that if a natural disaster hits, all our best family photos are safe on Flickr and thousands of others are safe on CrashPlan or on an external terabyte.  And that combination means I'm sleeping more soundly at night.

Bernie Goldbach teaches modules on Business Office Management for the Limerick Institute of Technology.