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Inexpensive Lapel Mic Test

Testing LavalierBernie Goldbach in LIT-Clonmel | Image of Audio-Technica ATR 3350.

I KEEP CHEAP stuff in my gadget drawer and decided to take the Audio-Technica ATR 3350 on a walkabout when requested by voices on Audioboo. Along the way, the little mic recorded an incoming phone call that you can hear in the clip below.

The omnidirectional mono ATR-3350 cost me less than EUR 25 all-in. It's not the kind of technology that you can use directly with a mixing desk because its audio levels are so low. However, when I use it with a fresh battery and record into my Sony ICD MX-20, it delivers consistently good results. Other people who have used the mic with video cameras report spotty results. Even though it comes with ample wiring, it does not pick up GSM noise interference from mobile phones like my XLR microphones always seem to do.

I've used the Audio-Technica ATR 3350 lavalier microphone for more than two years. I'm happy with its durability and reliability but I haven't exposed it to overuse with creative multimedia students or with little fingers at home.

Testing Lavalier

Bernie Goldbach teaches social audio on a creative multimedia degree programme.