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Mixtapes and Memories

Stephanie Lower in 1992Bernie Goldbach in Ireland | Photo of Stephanie Lower in Maryland.

I KEEP A JOURNAL that spans various sorts of media, including some old cassette tapes that I'm digitising. I stumbled upon one from Stephanie Lower on the anniversary of her death.

For 2013, I'm trying to finish each week with a "Found" item and an old tape--this one from June 1990-- complete with pops and hisses, qualifies as a major find. It also comes with all the artefacts of the cassette era as listeners will discover in the audio clip below.

I shared the audio clip to the Audioboo community and immediately connected with audio engineers who offered very helpful suggestions about how to eliminate the irritating hum accompanying Stephanie's voice at various intervals.

Found Mixtape 9006

Bernie Goldbach is trying to figure out a way to produce a multimedia journal before producing the ebook.