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The Essential Evernote Routines

Evernote on iOSBernie Goldbach in LIT-Clonmel | Screenshot from my iTouch.

I HAVE SQUEEZED a lot of productivity out of daily routines by using Evernote in the background as well as toggling into Evernote at set times of the day. I'm writing this post to see if I can get feedback on some of my methods from the Evernote Community on Google Plus.

-- Running Everclip as an iOS background task. This app copies things I select and adds them into Evernote where I tag and relocate the items.

-- Running Evernote Clearly in my Chrome browser. Not only does this extension facilitate clipping of web pages, I have discovered that it loads some pages much faster when I'm limited to slow over the air Internet connections.

-- Sending interesting items as direct messages to @myEN on Twitter. I often pull those direct messages into a working folder for upcoming blog posts.

-- Checking the Activity counter inside Evernote on Windows 7 to see if anything has been added to shared folders by students or collaborators. Shared folders offer clever ways to enhance business intelligence, often without the scrutiny of web proxy filters.

-- Diving into Evernote at low energy points of the day to reorganise items recently added to the pile of things to do or read. This is sometimes problematic because I have to use a clear head if I intend to shovel Evernote items into my GTD routine.

Like anything else, your mileage will vary with these tactics. I'm very interested in what Evernote power users might think of the way I use the most useful application I have on my touchscreens.

Bernie Goldbach is the senior creative multimedia lecturer at the Limerick School of Art and Design.