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February 13, 2013

I Spent Most of February in 2008

E90 Personal DVDBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Mia with E90 and Peppa.

WHILE AWAITING REPAIRS on my Nokia Lumia, I pulled my Nokia E90 out of my gadget drawer and rewound my world.

The biggest thrill I got was dropping back into a two-year-old's world because I have several hours of video clips on the E90 that show some of the first running leaps taken by Mia as she discovered County Kerry for the first time. I haven't saved those cute clips anywhere and I realise that it's important to respect the process of routinely carving out time to preserve family memories.

The venerable E90 also delivered a generous dose of quiet to my life because it's not set up to monitor dozens of social networking movements like the Nokia Lumia. Not hearing beeps or feeling little vibrations associated with notifications meant getting more done with fewer distractions. Until my forced usage of an older phone, I had not respected the role of quiet time in my daily routine. I actually need that solace and will be shutting down my Nokia Lumia for part of the day as I prepare daily lectures in my day job.

Bernie Goldbach teaches in a BYOD environment.


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